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SICES Polska has its legal seat in Warsaw and its headquarters are located in Kielce, in the south - central part of Poland, between Warsaw and Krakow.

Proved technical and financial capabilities, a wide flexibility together with a continuous investment in human and technical resources make the Company a reliable supplier.

Sices Polska can guarantee a high level of performances, in line with the standards offered by all the Companies of SICES Group. The quality of the products supplied is achieved tanks to the full integration of the local capabilities with the know-how and organization model of SICES Group.

SICES Polska, together with the other Companies of the Group, can be a right partner for your projects. It is able to provide a full service in the industrial sector and in the field of the exploitation of natural resources. It provides contracting activities for small/medium size projects, as well as engineering, supply, fabrication, erection and maintenance activities for single equipment or complete plants.

SICES Polska supplies match the specific requirements of the Clients or the general requirements of codes and rules applicable to the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical, Energy & Power, Environmental & Recovery, nuclear and Industry sectors. The manufacturing activities of SICES Polska are performed in the workshop in Kielce.


Sices Polska Sp. z o.o.
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